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QNX QNX is powering Neptec's Laser Camera System (LCS) on the space shuttle. This camera system will be used to inspect the Space Shuttle for damage before returning to earth. There's a news release at the QNX web site.
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Open source in the middle?
by ecko on Thu 14th Jul 2005 18:18 UTC
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QNX is a great OS but how anyone can lump it in with both Win9x and Linux is absurd. QNX is a hard real time OS. Comparing it to anything is just silly. Let's talk about the merits of QNX. A more appropriate comparison would be QNX to VxWorks. Both of which I know for a fact NASA uses. Both of them are known to be very stable, in fact nasa used VxWorks to run the mars rovers.

To compare things with completely different design goals is really silly. Would you compare a pickup truck and a Mack truck just because they both tow things?

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