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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Who says the open source and Free software world only copy but never innovate? Over at Canonical's design blog - you know, the company which does nothing for the Linux world *cough* - someone named Christian Giordano has shared some ideas about how Ubuntu - and therefore, the rest of the Linux world - could make use of hardware sensors to better serve its users. Pretty interesting stuff.
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Comment by Dr-ROX
by Dr-ROX on Tue 21st Sep 2010 09:53 UTC
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I don't want my windows move around when I lean to take a coffee cup. Well, the idea is good, but it must be made in useful and not distracting ways. The community could make an idea pool site for example.

Another thing is the laptop battery life. Video recognizing and camera will raise CPU usage, so the battery will drain faster.

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