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Legal Big Content, which already owns the Obama administration, is at it again - I guess mandatory monitoring software to scan every computer's content isn't enough. A bi-partisan proposed bill would allow US federal courts to issue injunctions that would order domain registrars or registries to cease resolving the domain name of a copyright infringing website.
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RE[2]: Load of Crap
by andydread on Tue 21st Sep 2010 19:36 UTC in reply to "RE: Load of Crap"
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" Do ANY of you really believe that the US would create statutes that attempt to enforce US laws in a foreign country?

The US still has excessive control over the internet's backbone infrastructure. As I have written before on this very website, on numerous occasions, so far, the US has done an absolutely amazing job at keeping the internet open and free - I have given ICANN props for that.

However, the new US administration led by Obama and Biden poses a very real danger to the openness and freeness of the web, because many of their direct advisors are former RIAA/MPAA/etc. lobbyists and/or employees (Biden especially). This means that the key to the internet is now very close to being in the hands of dangerous, anti-freedom and anti-consumer rights organisations like the RIAA - an organisation, mind you, which openly advocates mandated monitoring software on every computer and device sold.

Any true American cannot support this - as such, if you do support the RIAA/etc., you are nor a true American, nor a true Western democrat [the system, not the US political party].

This is a serious problem Biden Biden Biden Biden. Obama was on the right track with Lawrence Lessig as his technical advisor. When Biden jointed the ticket it all went south from there. Biden brought all his RIAA/MPAA friends/goons along to fill the Justice department. Biden is Evil. Biden and his pro-RIAA/MPAA goons has ruined the Obama administration from the perspective of young people. Good luck getting young people to come out for this administration in droves this election or any other. They feel terribly betrayed. Anyone who was looking for Obama to reduce the influence in Washington of corporate lobbyists including that of the RIAA/MPAA rightfully feels betrayed and apathetic about this bullshit.

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