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Apple As I was casually browsing around today, I came across this blog post. It's about the recently released VLC media player for the iPad, which you can use to play just about any video under the sun on your iPad. The blog post is a complaint about a bit of help text that's not properly rendered inside the application - annoying, but no dealbreaker. Until I actually read the text - this is how you're supposed to get content on your iPad?
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RE: iTunes
by kaiwai on Thu 23rd Sep 2010 02:59 UTC in reply to "iTunes"
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is a POS (and I am not talking point of sale) that makes even windows media player look good, and is used primarily as an initiator to : "Well it works just fine on Mac it is windows fault that user switching is ...*blah*...maybe you should try a Mac". Which just irritates the heck out of me, especially in light of "all user data is lost on OS X when switching to multi user environment" bug thingy ...

Stop being a lying scumbag; the 'data bug' is related to a guest account:

How many people use a guest account on their Mac? the number could probably fit into a telephone booth with enough space left for a pole dancer to strut her stuff. The number of people affected but it? bugger all. Has the bug been fixed? yes it has.

Come back and tell me when you've written a large complex piece of software without a single bug and then I might remotely care about your 'contribution' to the discourse.

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