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GNU, GPL, Open Source "So what is the state of the Hurd? Is it vaporware, like Duke Nukem Forever? Fortunately not: the code exists, there is still work going on (for instance as part of Google Summer of Code), and there are even some relatively functional Hurd distributions. Let's look first at the code and the current architecture, and then at the Hurd distributions."
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So, is Stallman too jealous on Linus Torvalds, heh?

Stallman started the open source Unix operating system. It was done until 90%, and then a teenager with freckles came in and did the last 10% and got all the credit for all the many years of hard work from the GNU guys.

Who would not be slightly irritated? Every non computer guy thinks today Linus T wrote the entire Linux from scratch! I even met some computer guys thinking that too "Linus is super, who is this Stallman, why is he shouting? What has he to do with Linux? Ask Stallman to shut up".

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