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Qt After many months of designing, coding, reviewing, testing and documenting, Qt 4.7.0 is finally ready for the big time. Although it's a little more than nine months since Qt's last feature release (4.6.0 on December 1, 2009), the seeds of some of the new stuff in 4.7 were sown much earlier. Indeed, many of the ideas behind the biggest new feature in Qt 4.7.0, Qt Quick, were born more than two years ago, not long after Qt 4.4 was released
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Qt has become extremely bloated...furthermore, it is no longer a c++ library. It's a collection of libraries, tools and and programming languages that one needs to master.

I think it's time for a new simple c++ GUI library.

1) it's pure and simple c++, really
languages like the xml formt for layouts (.ui files) or QML are just to -help- since creating the gui layout directly in the code is plain ugly. in any language.
as for the bloated.. Qt is not -one- library, it's a set of libraries, each one pretty simple. you always use and link -only- to the ones you need/use.
it you link only to QtCore for instance you don't even have any gui-related functions, only pure event loop, QObjects with signals and slots.. and that's it.

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