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In the News Microsoft and Yahoo have agreed to make their two instant-messaging programs work together, a partnership that could threaten market leader America Online, people familiar with the situation said.
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RE: Is it.....
by tonym on Thu 13th Oct 2005 04:44 UTC in reply to "Is it....."
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I think you could be right. The big guys fear open standards, they know if it catches on they will have no control, and google backing it gives it a big push in that direction.

I think if you compare Jabber/XMPP to http+html you could see what the future IM could be capable of!

As for me, still using Kopete, which has some great features like meta-contacts, and am signed in to 6 im accounts at once. When I was in college (in midwest), everyone referred to msn'ing or hey what's your msn address?

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