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Internet & Networking Now this is a subject sure to cause some discussion among all of you. LifeHacker's Adam Pash is arguing that Chrome has overtaken Firefox as the browser of choice for what he calls 'power users'; polls among LifeHacker's readership indeed seem to confirm just that. He also gives a number of reasons as to why this is the case.
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Tried it, liked it...
by Neolander on Fri 24th Sep 2010 06:14 UTC
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...then removed it. I love Chrome's UI (except for downloads and tab management), but at some point I counted how much Google products I used and I thought that since all browsers are quite look-alike at the moment, it was time to move to something else.

Plus, HTML5 video on linux chrome still did not run, while on FF 3.6 it ran, albeit with extremely poor performance. I like my browser to be up to date as far as web standards are concerned. Web standards are already ugly enough when you consider their latest spawn, and I don't hate developers.

Then, back on windows due to hardware-related issues, I wanted to try something new. FF4 was not ready yet so I tried the new Opera, and tend to like it. Except, again, for tab management. None of the proposed methods look satisfactory to me.

I might switch back to FF when version 4 is released, provided that they manage to get the same... feeling as Opera as far as page scrolling is concerned. There's something just better about it in Opera, though I can't name it.

In the end, all browsers are pretty close to each other, again, except for IE 7&8 which are pure canned crap and it seems that even IE will get back on the trail of others with version 9. So which browser you use doesn't really matter in the end, except if you want to support or not to support some vendor. I don't support google, because it already owns too much of my life.

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