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Internet & Networking Now this is a subject sure to cause some discussion among all of you. LifeHacker's Adam Pash is arguing that Chrome has overtaken Firefox as the browser of choice for what he calls 'power users'; polls among LifeHacker's readership indeed seem to confirm just that. He also gives a number of reasons as to why this is the case.
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Title says it all really. I frequently open zip / music / video / various other files. In Chrome, all these have to be saved somewhere, opened and then hunted down afterwards to be deleted. Every other browser gives you the option to save these in a dedicated temp folder and open them from there. Deleting is taken care of by periodically emptying that folder. This is one of the most frequently requested features for Chrome, yet the developers seem as though they can't get their heads around what's being asked for, or why. The annoyance factor of not having this (REALLY annoying) is by far enough to stop me using Chrome until it's fixed.

Options -> Under The Hood -> scrool down a little. You can choose one folder where all downloads go, or you can let Chrome ask you each time where to put the files you're downloading. Just like in Firefox. In your download list you can click on "Show in folder" - so you can find your downloads very easily. On Win7 at least, every single file is handled by the appropriate application. I'm not sure I understand your complaint...

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