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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless So, we have the iPad out and about for a while now, doing its thing, most likely selling well. Of course, others want a piece of that pie as well, so we see tablets pop up all over the place, most of which are either ultra-low budget junk or vapourware (how that's Adam coming along, Notion Ink?). Earlier this year, Steve Ballmer proudly held up HP's Windows 7-powered Slate - but then, HP bought Palm, canned the Slate, promised a webOS tablet, and then resurrected the Slate as an enterprise product. Now we have a video of the Windows 7-powered Slate. Let's compare it to Samsung's detailed overview of its Galaxy Tab, and see ever so clearly why HP canned the darn thing in the first place.
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Tony Swash
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A hardware button dedicated for Ctrl-Alt-Del!

This thing is a joke.

Adding a skin to Windows 7 won't work.

Microsoft's lingering inability to give up it's Windows Everywhere strategy has killed its ability to compete in the new tech phase.

If you want a touch based tablet that actually works and will sell then you need an OS completely written and designed for touch. This means rethinking much more than just the physical differences between a mouse or finger interaction mechanism.

It goes deeper, it profoundly effects stuff like the whole desktop/folder/file metaphor.

Tablets and touch are new things and we are entering a new era.

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