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Windows "I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but Windows 7 shipped around the same time I got married, and it includes a fascinating new technology called HomeGroup. Its goal is really simple: get all your home computers sharing documents, media, and printers with each other, in a way that is both secure and straightforward. But Microsoft also has a deeper aim here: they're trying to finally kill off the decrepit NetBIOS technology that's at the heart of most Windows sharing problems. So let's have a look at HomeGroup and the technologies involved that make it work. And just to keep things interesting, we'll compare HomeGroup with what Mac OS X offers."
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RE[2]: IPv6
by bert64 on Fri 24th Sep 2010 11:54 UTC in reply to "RE: IPv6"
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This simply shouldn't happen.. IPv6 when enabled should remain dormant until a device on the network advertises a route to it (ipv6 router advertisement)...
If you're having problems, chances are some device on your network is advertising a bogus ipv6 route which your system is trying to use... This is analogous to having a rogue dhcp server which is connecting you to an isolated network.

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