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Internet & Networking Now this is a subject sure to cause some discussion among all of you. LifeHacker's Adam Pash is arguing that Chrome has overtaken Firefox as the browser of choice for what he calls 'power users'; polls among LifeHacker's readership indeed seem to confirm just that. He also gives a number of reasons as to why this is the case.
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RE[5]: I need NoScript
by google_ninja on Fri 24th Sep 2010 16:59 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: I need NoScript"
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not really, you are turning off any kind of interactivity. It may just be a subtle glow effect, or a fade in/out, or maybe you are just breaking menus. In any case, you are basically hobbling the intent behind the design and development of the site.

Again, it is completely arbitrary. I understand flashblock, cause plugins like flash is where almost all browser vulnerabilities come from. Yes, there have been exploits through javascripts, but also through jpegs/pngs/gifs, and styles. If you are going to turn one off and whitelist it back, you may as well go for all 3. That would be 3x as secure as just noscript, and instead of just going back in time by about 10 years (when javascript was barely used for anything), you will go back 30-35 years, which is essentially the lynx experience.

Of course, you could just uninstall flash/silverlight/java/etc, which will make a way bigger difference then blocking javascript. But it seems like "power users" who use noscript also tend to have every adobe plugin under the sun installed as well, no matter how bad, frequent, and widely publicized security issues with those plugins are.

but hey, as long as it makes you feel safer, its totally up to you. I just find it baffling.

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