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Java Oracle has made some decisions about Java: in order to release JDK 7 in the middle of next year, they have decided to change priorities and specifically, postpone three features: Jigsaw, Lambda and Coin.
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RE: No thanks to Java
by KermitTheFragger on Sat 25th Sep 2010 11:03 UTC in reply to "No thanks to Java"
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C# is more like a staticly typed Python. Java is like C++ with a garbage collector.

Well as you can see here: Python isn't among the list of languages that influenced C#.

That might have something todo with the fact that Microsoft started working on .Net AFTER the lawsuit from Sun. This lawsuit ended in Microsoft not being allowed to use Java anymore (ie. stop trying to hijack Java with its J++ 'implementation'). When all the dust settled Microsoft paid Sun something like 1.6 billion Dollar iirc for all infrigement, non compliance, etc.

.Net 1.0 was basically a Java clone. It was only AFTER 1.0 that Microsoft came with innovation.

So how anyone can say .Net is more like language X then Java is beyond me.

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