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Google A few days ago I dove into the lawsuit filed by Skyhook against Google, and came to the conclusion that Skyhook's case - while an entirely plausible sequence of events considering Google is a big company and hence prone to abuse - simply wasn't a very good one. Google's CEO Eric Schmidt has given a rather generic-looking statement on the matter, but however generic it may be, there's a hint in there.
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Well at least I didn't call it GNU/Linux. ;)

I call it Linux because, while it's a fork, it's still got a LOT of linux code in it, as well as the open source spirit. To put it another way, Mac OS X is a fork of FreeBSD with a Mach kernel but it's still considered UNIX.

I understand your ire, but until Google strips out so much code from the kernel that it becomes their own creation, I'll consider it in the family of Linux-based operating systems.

Besides, it gets the Linux name into the public awareness and that's a good thing.

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