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Google A few days ago I dove into the lawsuit filed by Skyhook against Google, and came to the conclusion that Skyhook's case - while an entirely plausible sequence of events considering Google is a big company and hence prone to abuse - simply wasn't a very good one. Google's CEO Eric Schmidt has given a rather generic-looking statement on the matter, but however generic it may be, there's a hint in there.
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No secret
by Stockit on Sat 25th Sep 2010 20:08 UTC
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What are you smoking? Or is the tinfoil hat on too tight?
There is no "secret agreement", there is the CDD - and as has always been known, and non secret to those following this, if you want to have the google approval as a real Android device (and use their name, logo, and copyrighted apps) then you have to comply with the CDD (like, your device must support bluetooth) - that's it.

No secret. Never has been.

Motorola are free to put Skyhook on their devices, but they are not free to leave out key components from Google - IF they still want to use Googles name, the Android logo etc.

Now move along.

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