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Internet & Networking Now this is a subject sure to cause some discussion among all of you. LifeHacker's Adam Pash is arguing that Chrome has overtaken Firefox as the browser of choice for what he calls 'power users'; polls among LifeHacker's readership indeed seem to confirm just that. He also gives a number of reasons as to why this is the case.
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Firefox 4 will still be slower than Chrome for sunspider and v8bench, and has not more relevant features for the average user than Chrome. Which is what I was trying to communicate with the first message.

Firefox 4 will use both Jaegermonkey plus Tracemonkey, working together. The latest beta release Firefox 4.0b6 has only Tracemonkey, Jaegermonkey wasn't yet integrated at that release.

The gold plotline is Tracemonkey ... this is what you would have seen in Firefox 4.0b6.

The black plotline is Jaegermonkey, and the purple plotline is Jaegermonkey plus Tracemonkey. The latter is what you will get in the final release of Firefox 4.0.

If trends continue, Firefox with Jaegermonkey plus Tracemonkey will overtake Chrome for sunspider in perhaps two weeks time.

If trends further continue, Firefox with Jaegermonkey plus Tracemonkey will overtake Chrome for v8bench in perhaps four to six weeks time.

Exactly what performance Firefox 4.0 will have on release is still an open question, but it is by no means impossible that it will be faster than Chrome (even according to Google's own v8bench benchmark).

Firefox has a number of better features than Chrome as far as the average user goes, extension like this one not being the least of them:

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