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GNU, GPL, Open Source "So what is the state of the Hurd? Is it vaporware, like Duke Nukem Forever? Fortunately not: the code exists, there is still work going on (for instance as part of Google Summer of Code), and there are even some relatively functional Hurd distributions. Let's look first at the code and the current architecture, and then at the Hurd distributions."
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I get very irritated when I see kids nowadays trashing Stallman because he actually has the temerity of believing in something.

If anyone should be called kids it should be the people who follow him since they have a child like understanding of economics.

The heaven's gate cult leader also had strong beliefs, maybe he should have been admired as well.

It is easy to trash the farmer once the salad has made it to one's table and is ready to be eaten.

Without GNU the world would just have used FreeBSD and would probably be better off for it since it uses a standard base and wouldn't have encouraged endless sound stack and package format wars.

Stallman does not have viable alternatives to existing software development models. This can be seen in his recent answer to proprietary game development which is to lower your standards.

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