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Google A few days ago I dove into the lawsuit filed by Skyhook against Google, and came to the conclusion that Skyhook's case - while an entirely plausible sequence of events considering Google is a big company and hence prone to abuse - simply wasn't a very good one. Google's CEO Eric Schmidt has given a rather generic-looking statement on the matter, but however generic it may be, there's a hint in there.
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RE[2]: It's deja vu all over again
by kaiwai on Sun 26th Sep 2010 22:20 UTC in reply to "RE: It's deja vu all over again"
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I would say Linux (Android), Apple and Symbian if you think globally, or Linux, Apple and RIM if you think Western Hemisphere. Windows Mobile 7 is just coming out the door, and doesn't seem to have much momentum at all. I just don't see it displacing the entrenched competition.

Then again, those words were said by many about Android just a couple of years ago. Of course, Android is still kind of new and fresh; We've had Windows Mobile for nearly 10 years (13 if you count the original WinCE) and it's never really taken off.

Windows Phone 7 is an entirely different beast to previous releases so the comparison aren't even comparing Apples with Apples. You note about momentum - how do you define that? Microsoft's focus is on quality third party applications and not merely quantity. I can tell you that the AppStore may boast raw numbers but the share amount of worthless crap out number the amount of good software that is available.

Windows Phone 7 is providing an entirely new foundation for future development that fits their larger enterprise direction. Rather than the disjointed clusterfuck that existed before - you're going to have Silverlight applications that can scale from the desktop down to the handheld. The ability to develop one application and deploy it throughout your company without needing to tweak it for each platform it sits on. It is a much needed step in the right direction when compared to the old way of doing things.

Do I think Microsoft is worried about the competition? sure but their primary focus I would say right now with Windows Phone 7 is firstly on the enterprise market with their complete ecosystem with probably more consumer focused devices being released with maybe Windows Phone 7.1.

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