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Internet Explorer Microsoft has "set up and removed" having Windows 7 Service Pack 1 as a prerequisite to running (or, more correctly, "installing") IE9, in the space of just 2 days.
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same as IE8
by another_sam on Mon 27th Sep 2010 15:10 UTC
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IE8 was also introduced as not compatible with XP but eventually it was. MS tries to "scare" (although what they do best is *scare*, not just "scare") people to upgrade to 7. But eventually they'll make it compatible with XP. Say without full GPU acceleration or without some cool kind of integration, but IE9 in the end.

Now, once you asked, I really wonder if is there any current IE6/7 user (25% overall, 40% over IE) going to upgrade to IE9. I can imagine IE8 users and discontent Firefox and Chrome users giving it a try, but IE6/7 users? Sigh... could someone make a virus to fix that please?

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