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Games The PlayStation 3. For a long time, it was a rather well-protected machine, and it wasn't until early this year that George Hotz finally managed to crack the thing wide open. In essence, it was now possible to jailbreak the PlayStation 3 like you would jailbreak your iPhone, but of course, Sony wasn't pleased. With the recent firmware update, v3.50, Sony went from surgical precision to the battle axe - they blocked all non-Sony USB devices controllers (and a lot of PS2 > PS3 controller adapters) from working.
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The Missing Point Of View From Sony
by Nehemoth on Mon 27th Sep 2010 18:41 UTC
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I guess that my problem here is with Sony missing what people really wants

In my case I recently purchase a Sony PS3 to learn play a little bit, the only platform in which before I've played in The Original Nintendo (8bit). The difference is abysmal but I would like not to wait so many minutes every time I charge the GOW3 CD, I would like the option to do a backup of my games.

What about the speed of Sony Store?, OMG, I have a 3mbits connection at home, really fast for me, but is crap on the Sony PS3 Store, don't know why but to download a demo from there is an eternity.

Sony sell the PS3 (well the CELL architecture) as a supercomputer so why remove the Other OS option instead of Fix the problem?.

Sony should give options to the users not remove it, I hope Sony do something different and help the users.

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