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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Well, this certainly isn't particularly surprising. The rising popularity of Android leaves more victims in its wake than just Windows Mobile. Sony Ericsson, one of the major manufacturers of Symbian phones (other than Nokia) has just announced it will pretty much abandon the platform to focus entirely on Android - leaving Nokia as the sole person cheering for team Symbian.
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RE[2]: I used to love Symbian...
by Neolander on Mon 27th Sep 2010 20:42 UTC in reply to "RE: I used to love Symbian..."
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Symbian^3 is slick, fast, and usable, e.g. if you take a look at C6-01, C7, N8, E7. A starting point could be the video here:

(random video from youtube, you can probably find better ones)

I don't have a Symbian^3 device myself, but I've played with N8 a little bit and have to say the animations really make the difference in feeling of snappiness and responsiveness. Compared to N97 (I have N97 mini but only use it for the maps, I use N900 as my primary device), it feels like a totally different class of device.

You're right, Symbian^3 indeed looks nice on those videos. They seem to have mostly fixed the "unresponsive" aspect of it, noticeably.

Then, I must be masochist, but I would really like to see how this OS performs on an E63-like device : cheap, sturdy, button-based interface, extreme battery life, hardware feature set kept simple.

If I remember well, the E7 is scheduled to cost around ~€700. I hope that Nokia plans to release lower-end Symbian^3 Eseries too. They're not good enough on the app front to compete with the higher-end of Android/iOS yet, IMO. On the other hand, mid-end is an area where symbian traditionally shines...

Plus, technically-speaking, seeing how symbian^3 performs on low-powered hardware would be interesting. Their shiny animations and feature have probably a cost, question is : will nokia wisely disable some eye candy on lower-end models when it's needed for speed purpose, like it does on s40 ?

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