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Games The PlayStation 3. For a long time, it was a rather well-protected machine, and it wasn't until early this year that George Hotz finally managed to crack the thing wide open. In essence, it was now possible to jailbreak the PlayStation 3 like you would jailbreak your iPhone, but of course, Sony wasn't pleased. With the recent firmware update, v3.50, Sony went from surgical precision to the battle axe - they blocked all non-Sony USB devices controllers (and a lot of PS2 > PS3 controller adapters) from working.
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RE[2]: *sigh*
by thebluesgnr on Mon 27th Sep 2010 20:45 UTC in reply to "RE: *sigh*"
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The news is still wrong, by the way. Sony didn't block *all* unlicensed controllers, in fact most of them still work:

Sony's official explanation:

Of course, in practice there's no proof that the change introduced in firmware 3.50 is related in any way to the exploit that was fixed in firmware 3.42.

You'd also be interested to know the Xbox 360 has been hacked before for homebrew use and Microsoft did the exact same thing as Sony is doing now: they released an updated firmware that fixed the exploit.

Despite your complaining on Apple and Sony fixing these exploits pretty much every manufacture of closed devices like these do the exact same thing. Consumers should have cared before they bought a DRM-restricted device.

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