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Internet Explorer Microsoft has "set up and removed" having Windows 7 Service Pack 1 as a prerequisite to running (or, more correctly, "installing") IE9, in the space of just 2 days.
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RE[2]: This wasn't about Vista
by umccullough on Mon 27th Sep 2010 21:10 UTC in reply to "RE: This wasn't about Vista"
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I don't get corporate mind sets. Why on earth would anyone want to refuse to install bug fixes?
It's not like an OS is more secure without Service Packs...

With good security practices (least privileged access), good firewall, and "security" software such as antivirus, why shouldn't it be at least as secure? As long as the security hole being patched is already protected by another system or practice in place, the potential for more harm than good becomes the issue.

Corporations delay SP upgrades because they tend to have side-effects which may impact enterprise solutions already in place. In some cases, they'll do a phased rollout of the SP/Updates to make sure there are no negative effects before upgrading the entire company. Even then, I've heard IT "horror stories" about unexpected changes that upset internal software before they realized it.

Like it or not - Microsoft can't predict every side-effect of every software update... and corporate IT knows this. Worse, any system that "breaks" as a result of a security update may require scheduled/contracted development time to fix it - which could take months.

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