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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Well, this certainly isn't particularly surprising. The rising popularity of Android leaves more victims in its wake than just Windows Mobile. Sony Ericsson, one of the major manufacturers of Symbian phones (other than Nokia) has just announced it will pretty much abandon the platform to focus entirely on Android - leaving Nokia as the sole person cheering for team Symbian.
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RE[4]: I used to love Symbian...
by thavid on Mon 27th Sep 2010 22:41 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: I used to love Symbian..."
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Right, three things first:

- I have a problem trusting manufacturers other than Apple about the quality and functionality of touch screens (you can blame it on a previous bad and too long experience with Windows Mobile 2003). I would prefer to avoid touch screens, but I know that if I am using a trusty one, I'll be OK (last nokia I tried with touch screen was one of those xpress music ones, and I hated it!!!)

- I truly hate this social networking trend, and therefore, I avoid phones that use their social integration features as a flagship feature. According to some reviews I've been reading, these new phones have facebook integration, and I am afraid that by not using this, I'll be crippling the device or locking other basic features (just like what happened on the Vodafone 360 if you didn't had facebook/bebo/whatever).

- According to my carrier's website (, I see a hell lot of bad reviews for these new Nokias, regarding slowdowns, freezes, and phones going back to service over and over again. So, regardless of how nice they look on the video, I ain't buying it until this new platform is well established and all the sharp edges are gone.

Now, about your post:

- (again) The browser
Mainstream usage of the mobile phone browser started with the iPhone, yes. But depending on where you live (and most EU countries had been ahead of the US on this matter, in pre-iPhone ages), it is something being done for years. I've been using that (and video calls as well) in an almost daily basis because on the country I was previously living, you could get a plan with €20 per month with unlimited data, text, voice and video communications (with conditions). I must admit that, back then, there was a whole less of stuff for the browser to process, but still, even when it was born, it was already showing its age.
You mention that the weak hardware might be a bottleneck... Well, I don't accept that when I see basic phones using the native browser in a proper manner (I'm talking, for example, SE K530i) while I have to find workarounds.

PS: I am aware of such option, but I don't thing that goes all the way. I can tell a difference on the pages, just can't tell if it is because they're being rendered on a java or native application. Still, I must check that better.

- The calendar
A recycle bin?! LOL, all I want is an undo or cancel button!!!

- The freezing
The phone is usable, just the home screen is inaccessible. I can get into the menus, but if I return to the home screen, I see a static image of the last screen.

- The price
Yep, brand new in store around 1 and 1/2 years ago.
I gave up on trying other manufacturers. Basically now, I'm comfortable with Symbian, iOS and Android, don't need (nor want) to get to know and use other phone OS's, thank you!

- The touch
I need to make calls indeed, but if I get the touch, I won't mind having a dump phone as my mobile. I wanted to avoid carrying two devices almost all the time, but if that suits me better, then I'll have to be.

- OVI store
You can get apps from OVI and they work, no question there, but they aren't always up to date. For example, a couple of months ago, the version of YouTUBE available on OVI was way older than the one available at google. Same goes for Opera Mini the last time it was updated. So, I cannot trust the store, I have to go and get my apps somewhere else.

- The old days
Ah, EEmame, good times I spend with that app (specially on the N-Gage)

Ah, one funny thing... You know that, when I had ver2 of the firmware, there was an option to create access point groups? Pretty handy, 'cas I could create a group containing all my trusty wifi networks and have the phone automatically connecting to voip or e-mail. Then firmware update came, and that option went away... Thank you Nokia!

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