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Games The PlayStation 3. For a long time, it was a rather well-protected machine, and it wasn't until early this year that George Hotz finally managed to crack the thing wide open. In essence, it was now possible to jailbreak the PlayStation 3 like you would jailbreak your iPhone, but of course, Sony wasn't pleased. With the recent firmware update, v3.50, Sony went from surgical precision to the battle axe - they blocked all non-Sony USB devices controllers (and a lot of PS2 > PS3 controller adapters) from working.
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where's the pulp?
by diskinetic on Mon 27th Sep 2010 23:12 UTC
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I see where there's criticism of Sony's methods and practices... but where's the screaming, burning defeat at the hands of jailbreakers and homebrewers? Where are these really great hacks and alternate games and stuff that Sony just can't stop no matter what they do? In the end the story is headlined roughly "Sony crumbles under force of jailbreak innovators" yet reads like, "Stubborn Sony has to settle for third place in the multi-billion dollar(kroner, pound, euro, yen, whateva) console gaming market." Color me unsympathetic to Sony's choice to make millions, but less millions than others.

PS. In-game chat is usually the realm of the potty-mouthed obnoxionics, so I don't miss it (much).

PS2. I have to admit I'm a PS3 owner and really wished they would have given the Linux thing a better go.

PS3. I have a computer right next to my PS3 that runs Ubuntu through an HDMI cable to my 46 inch LCD, so I don't even use the PS3 except to play Battlefield 1943 (well worth the price of admission, I must say).

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