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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Is Research In Motion still, well, in motion? Heck yeah they are. They just unveiled their long-awaited tablet, christened the BlackBerry PlayBook. It's got a dual-core 1Ghz ARM processor, and it runs... QNX! This alone already makes it the most awesome tablet ever.
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RE: Screen Resolution
by shotsman on Tue 28th Sep 2010 16:10 UTC in reply to "Screen Resolution"
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Ah, you mean like those now obsolete laptops that you could buy once upon a time.

This trend towards wider (length pixels) yet smaller (heightwise) GLOSSY screens is also IMHO really, really bad.
Not everoune wants to show the latest Hollywood Shrek pt 49 in super widescreen. Some of us really want to do proper work. As for the lack of matt screens, do these makers ever try their products out in the real world. You know the one with sometimes crap ambient lighting.

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