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Features, Office LibreOffice is the provisional name of a community-led fork of OpenOffice that is to be developed under the umbrella of a European based non-profit to be named The Document Foundation. This should break OpenOffice free from the shackles of Sun/Oracle, hopefully leading to a faster and more inclusive development cycle.
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"Used Linux for years, since 2000-2008. Used OpenOffice for a couple of months or at least tried to use this bull*. Finally switched over to Mac OS and never looked back at Linux although I adore Vim and the command line interface. On Mac I've used iWork: Overall ok but has its compatibility issues with ODF and several MS formats. Now I intent to use the industry's proprietary standard... once MS Office 2010 is released for Mac.

I'm not 18 anymore and have no time for playing those ideology GNU/FOSS/freedom& bull games.

You gotta be kidding me. Ideology has nothing to do with the current state of the linux operating system. I'm 29 and work for an engineering firm. we use linux for a lot of computers connected to our machines. you could say we make big moneys because we use linux which is stable and handles all the load we put on it. That is a wrong stereotype you are making. A lot of us use linux because of what is offers and not because of ideological reasons.

I second that, I'm pushing 50 and not only have used Linux exclusively (other than testing MS running in a VM) for years. I work for a company that not only makes big money built on Linux but most of us Engineer's use Linux on our Workstations. Years ago the Linux Desktop wasn't really mature enough but unless you're gaming Linux really is the best option for productivity.

Linux "just works" and you don't have to pay an obscene amount of money for productivity software.

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