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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Is Research In Motion still, well, in motion? Heck yeah they are. They just unveiled their long-awaited tablet, christened the BlackBerry PlayBook. It's got a dual-core 1Ghz ARM processor, and it runs... QNX! This alone already makes it the most awesome tablet ever.
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RE[6]: 2011???
by kaiwai on Wed 29th Sep 2010 00:13 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: 2011???"
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It's clear you know jack shit about how to run a business. Serving the entire world takes boatloads of money and manpower, something most companies simply don't have. How hard is it to understand something as basic as that?

Bullcrap; Apple have been selling their products in New Zealand for well over 20 years, well before they became a big player in the computer market. If a small company like Apple 20 years ago could target a market of less than 4million people with almost half the GDP per capita as the United States then I bloody well think that a company who is in a stronger position can do like wise.

If your products aren't accessible to the marketplace then you're going to f--king fail! it doesn't matter how good the product is, how many oooh's and aaah's are said by fanboys jerking their gherkin off in front of the computers screen - it'll remain nothing than a wet dream fantasy for the majority of people. Don't come to this forum bitching that your favourite company is failing in the marketplace when they exclude 9/10 of the worlds population from ever being able to get a hold of the device.

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