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Games There are some things in this world that just happen. There's really no logical reason for it to happen, there's no explanation as to why it happens now, and not, say, three years ago. Minecraft is one those things. It's a game, but not entirely. It's digital Lego, but not entirely. It's impossible to explain what it is in words alone - you need to experience it. All I have to point to is this: someone has created a working 16bit ALU inside Minecraft. Which is a videogame. An ALU running inside a videogame running on a processor which has an ALU. In blocks. Wait, what?
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Quote "He further details that by adding online services only legitimate users can access" End Quote

Right here is where this guys thinking went completely off the rails. There are people who want everything for free and as such the online component will be cracked six ways to Sunday.

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