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QNX When Research In Motion unveiled its BlackBerry Playbook tablet on Monday, including the new QNX-based operating system it runs, I already speculated that it would probably make its way onto RIM's smartphones as well. RIM has now confirmed this suspicion.
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Be wary of closed development OS's.
by frank on Wed 29th Sep 2010 22:42 UTC
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Has anyone (including Thom) who replied to this topic spent serious time developing for QNX before?

I was a qnx developer during the photon days. The problem with these proprietary OS's is that they are created and managed in a closed environment with a "small" team. Sooner or later, your priorities will diverge from their's and you'll end up with little to no support. You have to go to them with money, or else they probably prioritize your request at the bottom of the list. It's usually developement around the edge that runs into problems. For instance, it says that it supports Flash 10.1, but what if you needed the flash to be able to control the camera, or microphone? I hate to say it, but my company was burned by this and I just can't see myself going back to develop for them.

It could be a little better than before, since adopting embedded Qt libraries, and near full-fledged applications can be created on webkit. Still, I'd be careful about encouraging platforms that are developed in a closed development model.

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