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QNX When Research In Motion unveiled its BlackBerry Playbook tablet on Monday, including the new QNX-based operating system it runs, I already speculated that it would probably make its way onto RIM's smartphones as well. RIM has now confirmed this suspicion.
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The difference is one of scale. With major platforms no matter what you're trying to do, chances are there are lots and lots of other people trying to do exactly the same thing. And if there is a serious bug, that makes doing that thing impossible there will be a lot more pressure to get it fixed or for someone to find a work around. Also since windows has been used for so many different things for so long, chances are someone has already run across your problem and found a solution.

With small platforms like QNX, chances are you will literally be the only one of their customers trying to do that thing. Thus there is no one you can ask for help and you are far to insignificant for QNX to spend any resources helping you.

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