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QNX When Research In Motion unveiled its BlackBerry Playbook tablet on Monday, including the new QNX-based operating system it runs, I already speculated that it would probably make its way onto RIM's smartphones as well. RIM has now confirmed this suspicion.
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RE[2]: The triumph of UNIX
by kaiwai on Thu 30th Sep 2010 10:06 UTC in reply to "RE: The triumph of UNIX"
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QNX based on Linux ? Are you sure of that ?

Otherwise I agree, Unix has grown very big lately. Funny, considering that it was initially built with very different needs than the modern desktop and mobile computers in mind.

Where did he say that QNX is based on Linux? in his post he said that Linux was a implementation of UNIX but that doesn't mean it is UNIX. QNX used to be marketed as 'Quick UNIX' until they were told that they couldn't continue calling it any longer since it didn't pay the fee to call itself a UNIX (Mac OS X can since it has paid and passes the Single UNIX Specification 2003 (SUS2003) recently).

What Mac OS X shows is if you have the funds and the focus you can make a good desktop operating system off *NIX - the problem is that what is required to create something that spans over the open x86 desktop market. You someone who can provide leadership and a group of investors willing to provide long term funding for something that might take at least 2-3 years before it see's the light of day and maybe another 3-5 years before it is profitable thus able to provide at least 8-10 years worth of funding which I don't see happening any time soon.

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