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Morphos Bright days ahead for the Amiga world. AROS is doing well, AmigaOS4 is getting one heck of a machine in the AmigaOne X1000, and MorphOS continues its development at a brisk pace. Version 2.6 of MorphOS, currently in development, will add support for (G4, I'm assuming) PowerMacs, which, alongside support for the Mac Mini and eMac, gives MorphOS a solid base of used hardware to run on.
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Well, even though some might see as a flamebait I'll say yes ;) There's just so much good in ARM that sooner or later people will start buying ARM desktops for home use. x86 will be around yes, but by then it'll be for professional use or people with a need for really high performance regardless the power consumption.

Indeed, I'd gladly buy an ARM-based desktop since high performance is not very important for me (I only need it for compiling software ;) ).

On the other hand, I've yet to see a standard desktop architecture on ARM, like the IBM PC mess (BIOS, PCI, and friends) on x86. And a desktop-grade OS running properly (= very snappily, not like most desktop OSs on Atom netbooks) on top of it.

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