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Morphos Bright days ahead for the Amiga world. AROS is doing well, AmigaOS4 is getting one heck of a machine in the AmigaOne X1000, and MorphOS continues its development at a brisk pace. Version 2.6 of MorphOS, currently in development, will add support for (G4, I'm assuming) PowerMacs, which, alongside support for the Mac Mini and eMac, gives MorphOS a solid base of used hardware to run on.
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This issue is voided by hibernation, though, but then boot times become important again.

With hibernation, boot times is scarcely more than loading a ram image off the hard disk. That's fine for 2GB of ram. I wonder how practical it is for 16GB?

oftware performance degrades with uptime. There's always a memory leak somewhere, some applications leave processes in the background wasting CPU time for unknown purposes even after they're closed, some crashes have long-term consequences... Fetching a fresh OS image from the disk allows one to go back in a clean state where software runs at full speed and maximum reliability.

I have to disagree with this statment. This isn't the days of Windows 98. My system doesn't degrade as uptime increases, and Windows does a fine damn job of shutting down processes. Also, the software I use is well written, and doesn't normally doesn't leak memory. If it does, I restart only the app in question, and sanity is returned.

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