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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "I am truly shocked that so many people are being duped by BlackBerry's recent announcement of their tablet, the PlayBook. I have read endless comments from people who are saying they can't wait to get this tablet computer. Well, I think I have some bad news for you folks. There is no evidence that the PlayBook exist as advertised. Why do I say this? I will make it brief..."
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RE[4]: Have to agree
by tony on Thu 30th Sep 2010 19:12 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Have to agree"
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Power hungry? When the A9 runs at 1.6ghz it uses an average tdp of 2 watts.

It also has 1080p video decoding built into the die.

We don't know how efficient their software stack will be but given that QNX is streamlined for embedded use I'm going to bet on pretty damn efficient.

2 watts on QNX will be 2 watts on Linux will be 2 watts on Symbian, all will drain the battery the same.

And as for how efficient the software stack is, it's the higher level stuff (efficiency of the graphic layer which is separate from the lower-level stuff) that matters.

A lot of the new Android phones out there won't last a full day on a charge, not because of Android OS, but because the components draw lots of power.

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