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QNX When Research In Motion unveiled its BlackBerry Playbook tablet on Monday, including the new QNX-based operating system it runs, I already speculated that it would probably make its way onto RIM's smartphones as well. RIM has now confirmed this suspicion.
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What is in a name?
by divide_by_zero on Fri 1st Oct 2010 02:18 UTC
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(About the comments, not the article ;) )

What is UNIX anyway? It just came to represent some stuff that was new back in the 80s, but it doesn't mean anything today. Perhaps what we mean is POSIX...? It's the virctory of POSIX.

And what is a microkernel? All systems today have more or less of a microkernel architecture. It's like RISC, after the war, RISC won. All is RISC now, and all are running microkernels.

What is really important about QNX is that it is a real-time operational system. Linux has a RT version, but QNX is RT from ground up, and AFAIK it does perform better in that regard.

I am curious to know if Qt won't be used to develop for QNX, it would be awesome.

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