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Google A few months ago, Google open sourced the VP8 video codec as part of the WebM video project, to create a truly Free/free unencumbered video format for the web as an answer to the non-Free/free patent-encumbered H264 format. Today, Google launched a new image format for the web, WebP, which aims to significantly reduce the file size of photos and images on the web.
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So WebP does not even fare well against standard jpeg...

Well, unless you have decided that this particular random guy on the interwebs are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT in his assessment despite only offering his own subjective perception then that comment really decided nothing. I'm looking forward to a real test by some experts, preferably using non-lossy compressed media to begin with. But even if webp turns out to be alot more efficient than jpg in terms of size/quality I think it's going to be really hard to make a dent in jpg's dominance on the web. Heck, even gif files are still in heavy use despite png being a superior format and even at it's heyday gif was nowhere near jpg in terms of widespread usage (I am old enough to remember having fuzzy dithered gif porn images in my youth, kids today don't know what we oldtimers had to suffer through ;) ).

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