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Google A few months ago, Google open sourced the VP8 video codec as part of the WebM video project, to create a truly Free/free unencumbered video format for the web as an answer to the non-Free/free patent-encumbered H264 format. Today, Google launched a new image format for the web, WebP, which aims to significantly reduce the file size of photos and images on the web.
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RE[5]: Comment by hornett
by Gusar on Fri 1st Oct 2010 21:35 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by hornett"
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Dark Shikari doesn't care about "web video" per se, he's just interested in high quality.

And btw, x264 is *already* dual licensed and being sold. Lots of companies want it. And you know why? Because it's simply that good.

As another commenter said, if you don't trust DS results, do your own test. These conspiracy theories regarding DS here at osnews are quite silly to me.
(if that last sentence gets this comment downvoted, so be it. won't chance the fact that by constantly accusing DS of bias, you're doing nothing but actually showing *your* bias)

Oh, and regarding using a motion picture... here's what Dark himself said (yes, it's advisable to read all the comments to his blog post):
"That video is taken on 65mm film by a camera that costs more than most houses — it is higher quality than almost any image taken by any “photo camera”. I highly doubt your average Creative Commons images even have a quarter the detail that an Arriflex 765 can take."

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