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Google A few months ago, Google open sourced the VP8 video codec as part of the WebM video project, to create a truly Free/free unencumbered video format for the web as an answer to the non-Free/free patent-encumbered H264 format. Today, Google launched a new image format for the web, WebP, which aims to significantly reduce the file size of photos and images on the web.
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RE[9]: Comment by hornett
by Fettarme H-Milch on Sat 2nd Oct 2010 09:53 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: Comment by hornett"
Fettarme H-Milch
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not offering a shred of evidence never stopped you from sprouting things like -"On2 sold a slightly tweaked h264 codec as their own invention"

WTF? Of course he released evidence. He didn't release a full list of every detail where AVC and VP8 are alike but he released some examples in

In chapter 2 he writes that VP8 uses all 9 AVC intra prediction modes and an additional on top.

In chapter 3 he describes a shared problem with the deblocking filter in 4x4 blocks. He describes that VP8 and AVC use the same filter but VP8 applies it to 4x4 blocks while AVC uses 8x8 blocks, causing performance impacts for VP8 but besides that it's the same.

He also released the source code to ffvp8. Releasing the source code = releasing evidence.
You may not understand the evidence in detail (neither do I) but just because someone does not understand the evidence the situation is not that there is no evidence.

Sorry to say that but reading your comment makes me remember fundamental Christians who claim that there is no evidence for evolution while in fact there is very hard evidence for evolution. In fact evolution is way better understood than gravity (which apart from 'things fall towards objects with high mass' isn't understood at all and the quest to understand gravity is one reason the LHC was built). They just don't want to accept the evidences for evolution.

Btw, Garrett-Glaser does not bash VP8 all the time. In the post I linked he points to some of the features where VP8 diverges from AVC. The 10th intra prediction mode is "cool idea and elegantly simple".
"Tree-based arithmetic coding (...) greatly reduces the complexity -- not speed-wise, but implementation-wise -- of the entropy coder. Personally, I quite like it."
He also writes in chapter 6 how great it is that VP8 does not support interlacing, bashing on AVC for the added complexity of interlacing.

Overall I find that blog post balanced. Sure, the haters only see what they don't like. But the reality is that out of 6 chapters, 3 present positive aspects of VP8 and 3 present negative. That's a 50:50 ratio. You can't get more neutral than that.

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