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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Arm plans to add multithreading capabilities to future architectures as it tries to boost the performance of its processors, a company representative said on Tuesday. The company is looking to include multithreading capabilities depending on application requirements in different segments, said Kumaran Siva, segment marketing manager at Arm, at the Linley Tech Processor conference in San Jose, California"
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RE[2]: 64-bit - Maybe drooling too early?
by BlueofRainbow on Sun 3rd Oct 2010 02:54 UTC in reply to "RE: 64-bit"
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These are only plans - whether actual silicon with the features being considered does come from a fabrication plant is a story still to be written.

64-bit wide registers would ease implementation of certain algorigthms. A first step implementation would not necessarily require 64-bit addressing. However, every processor with an addressing width smaller than the width of its general purpose registers either failed in the marketplace or introduced ackward addressing features which complicated coding later on.

Multithreading on a processor with multiple register sets - like the ARM - will likely look to a programmer quite different than on a single register set architecture like the X86.

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