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OSNews, Generic OSes Once upon a time, operating systems used to matter a lot; they defined what a computer could and couldn't do... Today, there's only one operating system: Unix (okay, there are two, but we'll get to that). This is why I contend that the OS doesn't matter - or that we need to take another look at the word's content, at what we mean when we say 'Operating System'.
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Gassee is pretty far off track if you ask me.

It's probably not his fault... he's just ignorant about the importance the OS plays.

It's kinda sad: Apparently we've done such a terrific job in the OS space that the work we do makes the OS seem transparent.

I suppose Mr. Gassee sounds somewhat different when he encounters an OS security problem. Then he probably claims the OS is *the* problem... and how we're delinquent for not fixing it.

The dude is lost, if you ask me.


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