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OSNews, Generic OSes Yesterday MenuetOS released a kernel update that includes Fourier transform, sinc and resampling. Fourier transform is significant in that it allow for more efficient computation and is essential for high speed computing.
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If you judge an os by its syscalls...
by Morph on Tue 5th Oct 2010 02:17 UTC
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Many kernel developers assign syscall numbers sequentially in the order that they implement the corresponding features. Hence Linux and Syllable kernel's syscall #0 is "read()" followed by #1 "write()" - basic console IO. MenuetOS syscall #0 is "Define and draw window". Shows their priorities right from the outset! ;)

Other MenuetOS syscalls include "Drag'n'drop", "Window skinning" and "3D api".

MenuetOS syscall list:

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