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Apple Apple Computer on Wednesday reported the financial results of its third fiscal quarter, characterizing the numbers as "the highest revenue and earnings in the company's history." The halo effect seems to be confirmed, as Macintosh unit sales grew by 35%.
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I suppose it couldn't it have something to do with Windows viruses. Nope, not at all. (sic)

Yes the ease of use and excellent experince friends of mine are having with their iPods has had a Halo effect. So it got them thinking about Macs. But they all site virues as being one of the main factors in _seriously_ thinking about buying a Mac. And no, they don't think there will be fewer viruses with LongHorn. Some have switched. Others are trying to decide whether to wait for the Intel Mac. But most don't even know about the Intel Mac thing at all and are just saving up for a couple of months.

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