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GNU, GPL, Open Source InfoWorld's Serdar Yegulalp looks beyond to list 10 great free and open source desktop tools for word processing, page layout, graphics editing, illustration, task management, and more. Some of the featured tools provide a worthwhile alternative to expensive proprietary software, while others carve a niche all their own. All are available for Windows, and nearly all are available for Linux and Mac OS X as well. From AbiWord, to Inkscape, to Task Coach, each of the tools provides further proof that the roster of available free programs is growing remarkably -- in both the breadth and depth of functionality offered.
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Comment by vezhlys
by vezhlys on Tue 5th Oct 2010 06:03 UTC
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I can add that Abiword is not that great in its current state too (unless you do some small documents with it only and don't share documents with others). Whenever I tried it, Abiword just didn't have enough compatibility with MS Office, had problems with stability and handling bigger documents and the list goes on. On the other hand I like gnumeric from Gnome Office (though I don't use spreadsheets often).

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