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Window Managers So, yeah, it's been ten years in the making, including a number of rewrites, but the day has finally come: the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries, which, surprisingly enough, form the foundation of, among other things, Enlightenment, have reached beta status. This is a major step towards the final release of Enlightenment DR17, which should hit before year's end.
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RE: another 'c' toolkit
by dcaro on Tue 5th Oct 2010 12:52 UTC in reply to "another 'c' toolkit"
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"I'm still not pleased that the EFL is just another 'c' GUI library that re implements the object model of c++ rather poorly."

You just don't know how it works. It's not at all like GObject. It does not try to implement an object model in C.

"There's nothing wrong with leveraging the small subset of the c++ object model, it really makes sense for GUI development."

Try to use QT on embedded devices, and have speed and low memory usage. It's just impossible. As an Example : on a set top box running a MIPS @200MHz, QT was just not running, gdk was uber slow, Evas (the graphic part of the EFL) allowed animations at 25 fps.

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