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General Development Anyone who did not see this one coming after Microsoft's patent deal with HTC and Apple's meticulousness in avoiding Windows Mobile in its suit against HTC hasn't been paying attention. Microsoft has filed a patent complaint with the US International Trade Commission, as well as a patent lawsuit in the US District Court for the Western District of Washington against Motorola over its Android-based devices.
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RE[7]: makes perfect sense
by Fettarme H-Milch on Tue 5th Oct 2010 15:49 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: makes perfect sense"
Fettarme H-Milch
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You obviously misunderstood what I meant. When I said "incompatible with patents", I meant incompatible with paying royalties.

That is also not true. Software patents hurt FOSS but they are not incompatible with it. See LAME, the FOSS MP3 encoder, it's under LGPL but thrives despite patents.
Patents are a problem of the jurisdiction, not FOSS itself.

Show me where Google is supporting patents?

English is not my mother language but if I understand correct, Google licensed patents from OIN (=licensee) but does not grand its own patents to OIN (=licensor).

Btw: Novell is a licensor to OIN.

An even better proof would be to publicly create lots of prior art without patenting anything. You can't countersue patent trolls anyway because they don't make any products.

You are wrong, lots of people are avoiding everything Novell. You could chose (completely arbitrary) that everyone doing so is irrelevant in your opinion, but I could say that your opinion is irrelevant too. And that is not topic here.

Once again your comments make no sense. Novell only markets its Linux offerings directly towards enterprises and that branch is growing.
Random readers if the "Boycott Novell, cheer for Red Hat" propaganda hate blog are not enterprise officials.

(openSUSE is sponsored by Novell but not marketed by Novell. The commercial distributor of openSUSE is called open-SLX and is an independent company.)

What should be avoided in order to prevet introducing Microsoft MONOculture in Linux, is Mono. And Microsoft also could sue users of Mono when they decide that migration away from Mono is to hard. So double trap.

Mono isn't even part of the default openSUSE install (don't know about SLES or SLED but considering that Novell sells a separate Mono kit, I guess it's true there as well). It is part of Ubuntu's default, hence Ubuntu does more to promote Mono than Novell.

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