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Windows With the release of Windows Phone 7 upon us, the hype machine now goes all the way up to 11. While hype machines are generally relatively harmless and easy to poke a hole through, coordinated FUD campaigns by patent trolls are not. After Apple and Microsoft trolled HTC, and Microsoft now trolling Motorola, the actual FUD campaign against Android is in full swing.
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by JeffS on Tue 5th Oct 2010 15:56 UTC in reply to "THIS IS BS"
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I thought Google's reaction to HTC being sued by Apple was very weak - sorry, moral support is useless.

And now, they need to stand up for Motorola, because in so doing they are standing up for the platform they created.

Also, they need to swing back at Oracle, and Apple.

So now they have three huge competitors that are dog piling on the Android platform, and if they don't fight back convincingly they will allow these competitors to easily accomplish what they are trying to do - scare OEMs out of using Android.

Google should -

Counter sue Microsoft for double-dipping. The patents in question have already been paid by Google in the development of Android.

File a complaint with the DOJ, for what amounts to clear anti-competitive behavior by Microsoft - double dipping on paid for patents, licensing said patents to OEMs for more money than WinPhone7 licenses, and suing for protection money.

Counter sue Apple, Oracle, and Microsoft with their own patent arsenal - most notably likely patents on search, web services, and data munging, which could bring Apple's iTunes, Oracle's Cloud products, and Microsoft's Bing all to a halt.

Google has to react strongly, and sooner rather than later. Otherwise Android will be FUD'd out of existence.

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