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Windows With the release of Windows Phone 7 upon us, the hype machine now goes all the way up to 11. While hype machines are generally relatively harmless and easy to poke a hole through, coordinated FUD campaigns by patent trolls are not. After Apple and Microsoft trolled HTC, and Microsoft now trolling Motorola, the actual FUD campaign against Android is in full swing.
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RE: Weeell
by JeffS on Tue 5th Oct 2010 16:02 UTC in reply to "Weeell"
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The patents in question have already been paid for by Google.

Microsoft is double-dipping.

It worked easily with HTC, because they decided that it was less expensive to acquiesce rather than fight (besides, they're already fighting Apple).

Microsoft tried to get licensing from Motorola in the same manner, expecting them to crumble to the extortion racket. But Motorola said "screw you, we'll see you in court".

Thing is, Motorola is a huge company with a big patent arsenal of it's own. And again, Google should, and probably will eventually, come out swinging in this whole manner.

Also, there is still Nokia, who are currently suing Apple for patents on cellular technology. Nokia might jump in and sue Microsoft as well.

Yes, what a mess.

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