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Windows With the release of Windows Phone 7 upon us, the hype machine now goes all the way up to 11. While hype machines are generally relatively harmless and easy to poke a hole through, coordinated FUD campaigns by patent trolls are not. After Apple and Microsoft trolled HTC, and Microsoft now trolling Motorola, the actual FUD campaign against Android is in full swing.
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It's gonna get worse before it gets better
by JeffS on Tue 5th Oct 2010 16:19 UTC
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This a huge mess. Everyone is suing everyone right now, particularly in the smartphone arena, but in other arenas as well.

Eventually something is going to give. The big tech titans are going to eventually realize that this is all a huge waste of time and money, and nobody really wins, except for the lawyers and patent trolls (who regularly sue the big tech titans - look at Apple losing a lawsuit to a patent troll over cover flow).

It costs a lot of money to file patents, it costs a lot of money litigating patents, and it costs a lot of money fighting off patent litigation.

Eventually the cost of filing, litigating, and fighting off patents is going to exceed the revenue that patent licenses might bring in.

Then the big tech titans are going to go to congress, with money toting lobbyists, and campaign for real patent reform.

Here is my patent reform "wish list":

1. Abolish software patents

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