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Humor If you follow the keyboard collectors market (yeah, didn't think so . . .) then you'd certainly know that the IBM model M15 split ergonomic is pretty much the most desirable keyboard out there. A small number of them were made over a short span of time (1994-1995), and their clunky plastic knob and super-adjustable design meant that over years many of them broke. So when one lands on eBay, it's a big deal.
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RE: More money than brains?
by Mark Williamson on Tue 5th Oct 2010 17:44 UTC in reply to "More money than brains?"
Mark Williamson
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The thing with the M15 is that it's both an adjustable split keyboard *and* it uses genuine buckling springs, despite the low-profile appearance of the keys.

There are very few keyboards around that both offer a split layout *and* non-membrane switches. The main consumer-level split keyboards tend to be based on membranes, like all consumer keyboards. There are only one or two keyboards that offer a split layout *and* mechanical switches and are still in production. It's a sad state of affairs really, I've toyed with the idea of building my own - various other people already have.

All that being said, Model M buckling springs are a bit heavy on the action for me (even though my M is one of the best keyboards I've owned so far)...

The price here is a bit ridiculous. Nonetheless, the price of other split layout mechanical keyboards (none of which are buckling spring - the M15 would be your only option for that) makes this purchase look more reasonable.

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